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Posted on: February 18, 2013

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Actors: Daniella Pineda , Max Baker , Dara Coleman , Johnny Solo , Caitlin Fitzgerald , Marsha Dietlein , Kerry Bishé , Edward Burns
Director: Edward Burns
Country: United States
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10 (888 votes)

Newlyweds Buzzy and Katie find their blissful life disrupted by the arrival of his half-sister and news of her sister’s marriage troubles.

Film Review

Though I've spent much of my life enjoying and at times worshiping Woody Allen I've never actually related to his film's characters. But I did relate to the people in this film by Ed Burns. I enjoyed the drama and laughed my ass off at the realities of it all. And the low budget, shot on a shoestring, added to the charm.The film has a simple premise, a newlywed couple spend a couple of days of drama with the wacky in-laws and then must come to terms with their own relationship and it's newly discovered quirks.I love the in camera, documentary-style confessions of the characters. It allows for added depth and contrast to what the audience sees. And the performances are dead on. No wooden acting. Very fresh and real dialog with a quick moving story.The last Ed Burns' film I saw was She's The One, and then after seeing Confidence I kinda lost track of him. I am glad I saw this film, just to know that he's still doing quality stories. Now I gotta go back…

There wasn't one single thing about this movie that I didn't like – and like a lot. Well… there was sister Marsha, who's pain-in-the-ass character was a big part of what made the film so good.Buzzy and Katie have it all figured out – now that they've learned from bad first marriages, don't have to spend too much time together, tell each other everything, and have great sex. What could possibly screw up this ideal new marriage? All together now, we that have been there – FAMILY. Enter Buzzy's wayward, heartbroken, irresponsible, and unexpected sister Linda. Then throw in the marriage death throes of Katie's sister Marsha and husband Max who haven't had sex in 15 years. Suddenly secrets sneak in, sex is withheld, loyalties are tugged in opposite directions, and bath towels are enough to cause a wonderfully realistic meltdown. When I saw, after watching, that Edward Burns had written, directed, cast, and made this spot-on life-as-it-really-is mov…

What the f##k! This f##king movie uses the word "FUCK" so f##king much it's clear that the author is a f##king idiot with no f##king vocabulary. Well, "Shit" seems to be a close second in this f##king movie.Writer shows a complete lack of class by continuing the Hollywood trend to write scripts with the filthiest language repeated as many times as the screenwriter can us these words rather than showing any talent to use the written word for meaningful dialog.Next time try to actually use the entire English language to write the screenplay and you might actually have an interesting and entertaining movie not a movie your mother would be ashamed to go see.

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