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Download Moving Violations Full Movie | Download Moving Violations Film Legally

Posted on: February 18, 2013

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Genres: Comedy
Actors: John Murray , Jennifer Tilly , James Keach , Brian Backer , Ned Eisenberg , Clara Peller , Wendie Jo Sperber , Nedra Volz , Fred Willard , Lisa Hart Carroll , Nadine Van der Velde , Ben Mittleman , Victor Campos , Willard E. Pugh , Sally Kellerman
Director: Neal Israel
Country: United States
Year: 1985
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 (2122 votes)

A group of careless and unlucky drivers are sentenced to attend traffic school to keep their records clean. Mistreated by inept and cruel police instructors, a smart-alecky teen leads the group in revenge against their tormentors.

Film Review

OK, Normally movies like this suck. Get a bunch of random k-list actors and put them in some crazy romp and suckiness ensues. In this case, they managed to hit comic gold. Murray is NOT his brother, but he can’t help but share some of his DNA and so therefore is pretty passable. And Mark Ratner is also very good as a character who is pretty much Mark Ratner(or "Rat" as Mike Damone would say). James Keach is brilliant! This guy does not get enough props. The perfect stick up his arse cop. (You might also remember him as a cop in Vacation… "i’ll go scrape the rest of the carcass off the road") This guy is underrated. Now someone may think I am being sarcastic! Nothing could be further from the truth! This movie has a great beginning, a superb middle and a decent ending. Not a bad payoff for watching! Fred Willard! Wendy JO! This movie has everything! Also Ned Eisenberg is an over-looked commodity in Hollywood as is well used here as the psycho of the bunch. He woul…

I am not sure why this one gets rated so bad and it seems that it never got any publicity, but the movie was good for what it was made to be. It is too absurd to be realistic and that just helps it. I’ve laughed so many times during it that really, i would recommend it.Think of it as the naked gun series meets super troopers. It has certain priceless moments such as "the Doc" scenes which are guaranteed to make you fall on the floor.It is not a serious movie and if you are looking for some deep story line, you won’t find it (i feel the need to highlight that). Simple down to earth fun like only the 80s can deliver. Don’t bring popcorn, you might choke on it :)7/10

Too much fun! Even though this film would seem way too cheesy and juvenile on the surface, there are just too many laughs for it not to be an entertaining experience. From the makers of Police Academy and Bachelor Party, Moving Violations has enough one-liners and sight gags to more than make up for its lack of plot. Though some of the gags make Dumb and Dumber seem like an episode of Frazier, I guarantee you'll be laughing at it in spite of yourself.The story concerns a group of perennial bad drivers who are sentenced to a strict traffic school in which they have to pass the course or forfeit their cars to the county. The class is run by two bad-ass motorcycle cops played by James Keach and Lisa Hart Carroll. They have their characters down so well, they'll even frighten you. Keach has a scheme going with the judge that sentenced the bad drivers to the course. Their plan is to make the class impossible and somehow split the profits from the impounded vehicles themselves. To d…

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